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Employer Success Stories

Patti Skillings

Office Manager &
HR Supervisor
Cook Roberts LLP

“Cook Roberts has had great success, since 2002,  with filling permanent staff positions in our firm due largely to our partnership with Legal Staff Solutions. Sharon Wilcox understands the operations of a law firm and is able to provide professional assistance in obtaining the best person for the job.  Her knowledge and expertise are second to none!”

Lindsay Scott-Moncrieff

Partner, Scott-Moncrieff & Company

“We have relied on Sharon Wilcox numerous times to help us find legal assistants for our growing law firm.  Being in Sidney, it has often been difficult for us to attract legal assistants as many are put off by the commute.  Sharon has always worked extremely hard, drawing on her many years of experience and her extensive connections to find legal assistants who are a great fit for our firm and who have become valuable members of our team.  Sharon is wonderful to work with and we have always appreciated her dedication and perseverance in finding the right fit for us.  She is a valuable resource for busy law firms!”

R. Bruce E. Hallsor, Q.C.

Managing Partner
Crease Harman LLP
Victoria, BC

“I started using Sharon Wilcox nine years ago when I became managing partner of my firm. In the years since, we have grown from 20 to 40 people without losing what we valued in our firm culture. This has been accomplished by carefully selecting the right candidates for each position, and Sharon Wilcox has been an integral part of our success in managing this growth. We have developed a high degree of confidence in Sharon’s ability to select and pre-screen candidates that will not only have the capabilities we need, but also be the right fit for our firm.”

Wm. Rory Lambert

Lambert Law
Victoria, BC

“I have known Sharon Wilcox since 1991 when I was a junior lawyer and Sharon was our firm Conveyancer. Since she started Legal Staff Solutions, I have looked to Sharon for assistance in finding qualified legal and administrative support staff. Sharon has used her knowledge of the business and her wide range of contacts to locate and screen candidates for me. This assistance has led to me finding some superb people I could not find by advertising on my own.

The last position I needed to have filled was in a tight market. The position was actually filled by the first candidate I interviewed of the several candidates that Sharon referred to me. I was so impressed with several of them I actually created a second position and hired one of the other candidates as well. As they say, proof is in the pudding. Sharon has consistently proven to me, her business, Legal Staff Solutions has what it takes.”

Nicholas A. Mosky

Partner, Waddell Raponi
Victoria, BC

“Being a small firm the right fit of staff is extremely important. We have worked several times with Sharon Wilcox and Legal Staff Solutions and each time have been helped enormously with the placement of very capable and appropriate staff that have become long term members of our team. Sharon takes the time to get to know our firm and works hard to find the right fit for us. She also takes the time to follow up with her clients after placements to ensure that the placement is working out for everyone. We have tried traditional methods of hiring with mixed results and have found that working with Sharon and Legal Staff Solutions is a time and money saver. I would recommend Sharon and Legal Staff Solutions to any firm looking for legal support staff.”

Dawson Mullin

Dawson Mullin Law 
Victoria, BC

“Sharon Wilcox and Legal Staff Solutions have assisted with numerous placements at my firm. Finding the right staff can be an arduous task. Sharon makes it easy. She is professional, productive and takes the time to understand her clients and find them the right fit. I have been very happy with her services in the past and will continue to work with and recommend her.”