Get the “Right Fit” with the Billable Advantage

Finding the “right” employee that perfectly suits your needs can be time consuming, costly and, more importantly, the whole process can shift focus away from your business.

Hiring staff is a part of doing business. We expedite the hiring process by offering you our expertise while you carry on with your business.

What are the Facts & Benefits of our service?

  • We are in the job market every day and can provide intelligence about the availability and suitability of candidates
  • We save you time in pre-screening and interviewing of candidates – resumes often don’t tell the whole story
  • We will only present select candidates for you to interview who specifically meet your criteria
  • We provide access to candidates who otherwise might not have contacted or applied to your firm/company – advertising does not always generate the resumes of ‘cream of the crop’ applicants
  • Many of the top candidates may not be actively networking and, due to our assurance of confidentiality, often contact us before deciding to make a move.
  • We can promote your firm/company to prospective candidates.
  • We can serve as a facilitator during the interview and negotiation process – we can often answer questions from both sides, or obtain information which either side might be reluctant to obtain on their own.
  • We ensure that the candidates have a genuine interest in the position with your firm/company.